All Natural
Hot Spots
Ear Discharge
Just “Dust On”

    *All Natural

    *Skin Relief Made Simple

    *Ear Relief Made Painless

    *Apply In Seconds

    *No Sticky Mess on Carpets

NT Canine was created at the Four Oaks Farm, an Equine Rehabilitation Center in Southern California. The first marque product to be developed was NO THRUSH® - The first Ever Dry Formula! This revolutionary product has changed the way people look for and treat thrush and soft frogs and heels. Thrush is a common affliction, but has always been very difficult to treat. Many products are available, but NO THRUSH has become the reliable go-to for horse owners. It is fast acting, easy to apply, and most importantly it works!

Desperate dog and cat owners soon began asking us: "Can you please make something similar for our small pets?" We took the plea to heart, and are pleased to present NT Canine™. Try it once and you will never go back to washes and creams and injections.

Four Oaks Farm, Simi Valley, California.